What is present perfect simple tense with examples?

Examples of using present perfect in talking about events that happened in the recent past but the effect of the recent event is still felt in the present include: The children have made a mess in the kitchen. He has started a new job. She has finished her chores.

How do you use the present perfect simple?

Past events, present results

We use the present perfect simple when a single past action has a connection with the present: She’s broken her arm in two places. (Her arm is still broken now.) Why haven’t you dressed in something warmer? (You got dressed in the past but the clothes are not warm enough for now.)

What is perfect simple tense?

The present perfect simple tense is used to. Describe actions that occurred in the past but are still relevant to the present.

What is present tense Give 5 example?

Bill writes the letters. Peter is coming to our place. Bob has given the book to Allen. I am going to the varsity.

What is the form of present perfect?

The PRESENT PERFECT TENSE is formed with a present tense form of „to have” plus the past participle of the verb (which can be either regular or irregular in form).

Why do we use present perfect?

The present perfect is used to indicate a link between the present and the past. The time of the action is before now but not specified, and we are often more interested in the result than in the action itself.

What are 10 simple present tense?

10 Examples of Simple Present Tense Sentences

  • My son lives in London.
  • She plays basketball.
  • He goes to football every day.
  • He loves to play basketball.
  • Does he go to school?
  • It usually rains every day here.
  • It smells very delicious in the kitchen.
  • George brushes her teeth twice a day.

What are 10 simple sentences?

50 examples of simple sentences

  • She doesn’t study German on Monday.
  • Does she live in Paris?
  • He doesn’t teach math.
  • Cats hate water.
  • Every child likes an ice cream.
  • 6.My brother takes out the trash.
  • The course starts next Sunday.
  • She swims every morning.

What are 5 examples of simple sentences?

Examples of simple sentences include the following:

  • Joe waited for the train. „Joe” = subject, „waited” = verb.
  • The train was late. …
  • Mary and Samantha took the bus. …
  • I looked for Mary and Samantha at the bus station. …
  • Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station early but waited until noon for the bus.

How is present simple form?

The simple present tense is simple to form. Just use the base form of the verb: (I take, you take, we take, they take) The 3rd person singular takes an -s at the end. ( he takes, she takes) Test your knowledge.

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